1. NYRSinceBirth's Avatar
    Well, the classic Brick Breaker has reached it's end. I plan on replacing it with another game, but I only plan on having one game, no more. So, given only ONE game, what would you suggest?

    BTW: A link or a way to get the game would be welcome too
    06-14-08 08:51 AM
  2. dlgus's Avatar
    I am a fan of two games--bookworm, and pokerblast--though I have other games on my BB, these are the two I go back to time and time again. I get my games from bplay.com
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    06-14-08 09:01 AM
  3. yogi's Avatar
    06-14-08 09:09 AM
  4. yogi's Avatar
    Enjoy them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    06-14-08 09:10 AM
  5. dlgus's Avatar
    Nice link and nice games, but I don't see anywhere that they are compatible with my Pearl--so sad, because there are a couple that I would really love.
    06-14-08 09:35 AM
  6. AMighty1's Avatar
    I don't hav n e suggestions but I am interested as well. I hav never plated them on bb but I like word games like scrabble blast and text twist. I also like brain games. N saying that, brickbreaker has gotten me thru many a dull and/or anxious moment.

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    06-14-08 10:51 AM
  7. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    If I had to have only one game it would be Lingo

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    06-14-08 12:30 PM
  8. offilerm's Avatar
    Being a fan of Guitar Hero on the ps3 I thought it might be a good deal on the phone. Not so much. It was only $15 but thats money that could have been better spent. The music is only midi audio and the control settings could be way better.

    But thats just my opinion.
    06-14-08 11:39 PM
  9. bronxie's Avatar
    I'm really enjoying The Sims 2 I purchased from Tzone

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    06-15-08 07:29 AM
  10. Cleric's Avatar
    Sketcher! Hands down the most addictive for me right now.
    06-15-08 12:00 PM