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  1. Pete6's Avatar
    After a battery oull, I see the following error message on-the phone's screen.
    I hit escape and t goes away and the phone works normally thereafter. I would just rather that it was not there as I am sure you will agree.


    So then I thought that I would uninstall Mini-Monitor, My theme, Autolock. Application Loader says this when Next is clicked on the the App Loader Wizard after it has discovered all the apps on the phone.

    The application "Browser" cannot be loaded because it requires the following applications that are not available:


    I really don't like the last message at all. Especially since I cannot find the xml file referenced anywhere on my PC disk.

    DM will not load or unload any applications in its current state.
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    04-16-08 11:18 AM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Try uninstalling and reinstalling the OS software for the phone on your computer.
    04-16-08 11:48 AM
  3. Pete6's Avatar
    Hi sunkast, I have uninstalled DM and the current OS ( I erased the Folders in Program Files and in Common Files.

    I downloaded another version of DM (and took the opportunity to get rid of Roxio). I re-installed both DM and OS 194.

    I removed all the installed apps, did a battery pull.

    The PC error has now gone but I still have the error on the phone when it re-boots (battery pull or after a DM App install/uninstall).

    There are two messages. The first is a fleeting one about a 'uncaught exception' but this is immediately overwritten by the 'Verifying Securirty...' banner. Only after all this do I get the


    This is all on my shiny new 8310 - rats.

    Is there a way to go back to an earlier version of the OS? Here's my plan:

    Go back a version or two and do a vanilla install i.e. Only delete Vendor.xml - nuttin' else.

    Get rid of all the Apps

    See if it works - hopefully, yes

    Re-install 194

    Have beer.
    04-16-08 01:21 PM
  4. sunkast's Avatar
    You could try it. Problem is there are files on the phone that are either missing or corrupt. I was hoping that once the OS was reinstalled on the computer that it would also correct the phone too.
    04-16-08 01:33 PM
  5. Pete6's Avatar
    Yes, I think that too. It now loks like it is part of the java installation. By installing another, older version of the OS and then re-installing 194 I was hoping to re-write all the phone based files and thus clear the error.

    I do not know how to install an older version of the OS from the one that is currently on the phone.

    Can you give me explicit instructions on how to do this please.

    Unfortunately I have to go out tonight but I can find some time tomorrow to do the work if I just know what to do.

    Thanks - Pete
    04-16-08 01:52 PM
  6. sunkast's Avatar
    Usually in the course of performing an upgrade, if you already had the old version installed on the PC, you install the new version right over the top. Then if you were to uninstall the new version, it would roll back, and should also do the same to your phone. I have never done it myself so I can't be sure.
    04-16-08 02:58 PM
  7. Pete6's Avatar
    I spent some time looking for an older OS and in the process came across a utility called JL Commander. This program is like having a minefiled on your PC as far as a Blackberry is concerned.

    It has an option to erase all files i.e. it brick your phone - nice.

    Once this is done, yo can run DM and reload the OS of your choice.

    The guys over at blackberry forums seem to think that this is a normal sort of procedure.

    I'm a systems guy so I kinda, sorta understood what was happening but this tool ain't fo the faint hearted.

    Once run it gives you error 507 on the BB screen - an empty BB.

    My BB is now quietly reloading its OS. Hopefully it will fullly recover.
    04-16-08 07:23 PM
  8. uncheels23's Avatar
    Good luck !
    04-16-08 07:33 PM
  9. Pete6's Avatar
    It worked. My berry is working again. However I still have the Java error that I started with.

    I think that I am going to go to bed now and pick this up later today.
    04-16-08 07:45 PM
  10. Pete6's Avatar
    The error has gone. I reloaded the OS again but I had the feeling that the copy of 194 that I had was causing the problem - perhaps a bad dwnload - so, I installed 4.5. Remeber that the 8310 is currenlty my backup phone 'cos it's still locked on T-Mobile for the next few days.

    I have installed (one at a time) Opera, Mini Monitor, Famboyant Today theme and, so far, all is running well.
    04-17-08 02:47 AM
  11. Pete6's Avatar
    Usually in the course of performing an upgrade, if you already had the old version installed on the PC, you install the new version right over the top. Then if you were to uninstall the new version, it would roll back, and should also do the same to your phone. I have never done it myself so I can't be sure.
    I downloaded version 194 from BB on a different PC and tried again.

    Justa as you said sunkast, App Loader asked me if I wished to install an older version of the software (4.5 was not installed on the 2nd PC) and it did.

    I now have the error back again. There is clearly an incompatibility between my specific phone and the OS package named '8310M_PBr4.2.2_rel351_PL2.5.0.44_A4.2.2.194_TIM.e xe'.

    I am happy that my phone has survived all this software abuse and my respect for this little box and indeed for RIM has gone up considerably.

    Why did I not leave the phone running 4.5 beta? I downloaded the file easily enough but as I am not an official beta tested, I am not sure which revision I have in relation to the current one. Official beta testers get updates from time to time as well as access to the official RIM 4.5 forums and other rsources that I do not have access to.

    I have been a beta tester for software in the past and you really do need these resources if you are to avoid banging your head against the wall when something does not do what you expect.

    I strongly suspect that RIM do not mind in the least that the user comminity has leaked versions of the beta release since we are acting as unpaid testers who cause them zero problems because we have no voice. All RIM has to do is to browse this and other forums without even logging in. Again I am pretty sure that some of the developers do just that, even unofficially.

    Aprt from that I thought that 4.5 looked really nice with its new clearer phonebook layout and voice and video recording.

    Please RIM will you release an interim package and then upgrade slowly over the next 6 months until it does what you really want.
    04-17-08 04:56 AM
  12. sunkast's Avatar
    The file you downloaded was for the carrier TIM? But you have a Swisscom branded phone? Just trying to see if there's a connection here or not.
    04-17-08 11:35 AM
  13. Pete6's Avatar
    My phone is actually an ebay purchased T-Mobile UK phone where it is currently SIM locked awaiting delivery of the unlock code. I am using the phone with a Pay As You Go T-Mobile UK SIM card here in Switzerland.

    I downloaded the TIM software and the only thing I did was to delete vendor.xml. You may be right, there maybe something inside the TIM OS that my phone objects to.

    This problem only manifests itself after a battery pull or App Load re-boot.

    My concern is, what is not working inside the phone? It seems to work just fine. It is a puzzle.

    I am going to leave it just as is until 4.5 is finally released. I have proved that the phone works perfectly (no errors) under 4.5 but one of the reasons I bought the 8310 was the keyboar and the other was GPS and that don't go under 4.5 today.

    Remember that my 'real' phone is still the 8100 unlocked from Vodafone UK and fitted with a SIM from Swisscom which is under contract and has a data plan.

    I shall just wait. Thanks for all your help.
    04-17-08 12:11 PM