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    All the Blackberry device users are experiencing duplicate messages here.

    Each Blackberry user has an Active Directory Contact configured with their Blackberry email address and there is a forward rule for their exchange account to that contact. So what should be happening is that any email that is destined for their corporate email will also get forwarded to their Blackberry.

    So for example if someone sends an email and CC:'s 20 people, then the Blackberry users get 20 copies each of the same email!

    Not using Gmail, I have seen those threads and they don't apply here.

    The Exchange server polls an email hosting service every 5 minutes, and I tested that in fact only a single message arrives at the hosted server, it is once the Exchange server parses the messages that the duplicates get sent out.

    I have tried many things with no resolution, including over-riding the mail settings in the Active Directory contact to force Plain Text email for the forward rule...

    Please help!
    03-12-08 03:04 PM