1. MrGUproductions's Avatar
    I'm sure this isn't going to hurt anything in my Blackberry I just don't want anything out of place... But basically...

    I was playing around with the Blackberry Desktop Manager software after installing in onto my computer, I plugged my Blackberry into the computer and was playing around with the Media Manager and I'm not even sure exactly what I did but now for some reason now when I go Media --> Pictures --> My Pictures on my Blackberry, my Music and BlackBerry folders are in the my pictures section. Are these copies of folders? Can I delete them? And if I delete them, and wasn't supposed to, will I be able to get these folders back? Sorry guys I just got my Blackberry yesterday and I'm already ******* things up. THANKS EVERYBODY AND I HOPE TO SOON BE A RESIDENT EXPERT WHO CAN HELP IN RETURN.
    10-01-09 02:37 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    LOL, easy to do with powerful software, but simple to sort out with either the built in File Manager at:

    Media / Explore.

    This one sees both device and media card memory, you can correct any directory placement issues with it.

    If you have several files to move, it will be a lot quicker to use Windows File Manager. It only sees the media card as a removable drive, but that is where you want to save music, pictures and video clips.

    Either way, Media will scan for files, they will be found anywhere.
    10-01-09 04:06 PM
  3. MrGUproductions's Avatar
    Thank you Reed, before I noticed that you had responded to my post, I guess I fixed it myself but again, I don't know how I did it. lol. I just plugged it in and took all the pictures off my phone and put them to my computer, then for some reason the folders went away, then I put the pictures back in and everything looks the way it should now. But I really appreciate your time telling me what's going on, thank you sir.
    10-01-09 04:37 PM