1. josuemacle's Avatar

    very strange thing:
    I have a 8300, previously on O2 UK with 4.2
    The camera was working fine until it stopped and now when I launch it, what I view in the screen is blurred and sort of sepia, and I cant save the photo.
    I assumed this is a hardware issue due to a schock or something.

    Recently I moved to france so I unlock it and opened an Orange FR account.
    At the same time I upgraded on 4.5
    Then I saw I now have a video camera...
    I assumed it wouldn't not work for the same reasons...but it does!!!

    No blurness or sepianess or impossibletosave-ness!!!

    How strange is that, any idea why and how to solve this as it seems not to be a hardware issue.

    09-06-08 02:57 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    Check Camera / Options.

    There are a couple settings that can affect your image quality.

    First is White Balance, it defaults Auto but there are several options.

    Next is Picture Size, it defaults to Large but you can change it as needed.

    Picture Quality: default is Superfine.

    Color Effects: default is Normal, but you do have B&W and Sepia options.

    Do I understand that you are not able to actualy take a picture? Try it again after restoring the defaults.
    09-06-08 03:08 PM
  3. josuemacle's Avatar
    thanks reed but I have tried that and it doesnt work.
    if i launch the camera I can see through the screen but this is all kinda sepia/blur
    if i take the pic, the screen is just white
    and if after i go in the media library, the pic is there, named correctly but i cant open it, there is a small red cross on a black screen.
    09-06-08 04:02 PM