1. kat531's Avatar
    New here, and new to Blackberrys in general... Basically for the past two weeks or so my Curve 8320's call log (that shows up when I press the green call button) has been screwing up occasionally with the information. It's not all the time, but for instance tonight listed 11/20 as the last time I called the person at the top of the list, when I called that person just a few hours ago. In the history it shows I've called them many times since 11/20 but does not show me calling them tonight.

    It does this occasionally with several different people from my address book, but randomly. Anyone know what might be going on?

    12-14-08 02:32 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    That's an odd problem. I've never heard of it before, and since it's been posted for 20 hours with no responses, apparently nobody else has either. What is your Options / Status / File Free? If it's less than 12 000 000 bytes, that could be causing you to lose Call Log entries. If you haven't done a battery pull since noticing the problem, try that. Make a backup first, then pull your battery (with the phone ON), wait a few seconds, and put it back. See if rebooting solves the problem.
    12-14-08 10:41 PM
  3. kat531's Avatar
    I had tried the rebooting, battery pull, etc. I had more than enough space left on the phone, it had to be some kind of weird quirk. However, since I have reformatted the phone to update, and it has not given me the problem. Must have been some sort of software quirk (I had not put any additional software on the phone so I'm guessing it was some kind of bug with preloaded software).

    Thanks for your help though.
    12-23-08 06:44 PM