1. olandy's Avatar
    I just got my Curve 8320 and will be travelling to Beijing in a few days. T-mobile will charge me $2.99/minute for cell usage. is there anyway I can bypass this using the wi-fi feature?
    12-27-07 11:10 PM
  2. John Clark's Avatar
    Uh...yeah! That's what the wifi is for. If you can connect to a wifi network there and get UMA to come up on the device then those calls are the same as if you made them here in the states. You can call home and minutes will be deducted normally (unlimited if you have H@H.) If you call a number in Bejing then it will be billed as an international call.
    12-28-07 01:41 AM
  3. aznlv's Avatar
    The best way is get your device unlock then use a local SIM to make call within China and use landline to make international call, it is much cheaper than $2.99/m.
    12-28-07 08:36 AM
  4. olandy's Avatar
    thanks John. is there a danger of the call switching over to ther regular service without me noticing or will the phone drop the call once the Wi-Fi signal goes weak?
    12-28-07 06:07 PM
  5. John Clark's Avatar
    If you're on a UMA call you will not automatically transfer to a roaming carrier. The call will just drop. You can go to Options >Mobile Network and set it to WiFi Only just to be sure. That will also keep you from accidentally incurring any data charges from EDGE as well.
    12-28-07 11:44 PM