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    Hi, I have a Curve 8330 (US Cellular, running v4.5.0.138). Lately it has been hanging (little hourglass turning and turning) and I have to either do a soft reset or a battery pull. It happens up to 10 times a day. Everything is running really slow also. My file free is always between 10 and 25 MB.

    Sometimes (not always), I will get an 'uncaught error' message, usually having to do with Blackberry Messenger. Other times (getting more frequent), I get a white screen with a tiny error message requiring a reset. Sometimes there is no hourglass or error message, everything is just frozen.

    I have reinstalled the OS twice, upgrading to the most recent release on the BB site.

    I'm wondering if I need to reset the thing to factory settings? I have about 1600 messages in the inbox, so I'm wondering if that's part of the problem. I have it set up to delete them after a couple of weeks- should I make it more frequent? I'm not really running many apps- just facebook and messenger. I recently installed Amazon but the problems were happening prior to that and I haven't used it much. I always close my apps when I'm not using them.

    Needless to say, this is not workable. I'd like to fix it myself if I can, since I can't afford to pay US Cell techs to work on it and I don't want to send it out for a week.

    Any suggestions? I am getting desperate, and I can't seem to find my exact problem anywhere online. Every thread I read says to clear up file free, but most of the time I am running over 20MB free, so I'm not sure that is really the problem.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
    03-11-11 12:18 PM
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    i'd say try a micro sd format. backup all the stuff (pictures, music, andything else) from your micro sd card, then use the format card options located in your blackberry phone options menu. then re copy all of your backed up stuff back to the card. when mine was hanging alot that fixed it for me. if all else fails do a complete wipe of the os and all apps and do a fresh install. make sure yo backup all your contacts and whatnot before that obviously. just my two cents.
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    03-11-11 12:46 PM
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    Thanks Kaotik7D. I formatted the card and it does seem to be working faster. I'll post back in a day or so and we'll see if it keeps up! I really appreciate the info.
    03-11-11 10:39 PM
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    Also, try clearing the event log, holding down the left alt button press l,g,l,g the event log will pop up on the screen. Hit the bb button and select the clear log option. This made mine run much faster, also, I would seriously recommend clearing all your folders out in the phone. 1600 messages in the message folder, for a 8330 seems extremely high, I try to keep them empty at all times. When your in the message app, hit the bb button and click view folders and try clearing all of the different folders out(sms inbox/out box, call logs, mms in/out box, etc , etc). You may notice a huge difference.

    Also, I just mentioned this in another thread, but I have been using my 8330 for around six months now and I have noticed a huge difference in the performance of the phone depending totally on what theme I was using. Certain(even well known premium themes) will cause constant hourglass, even sometimes causing the phone to hang up with the hourglass showing constantly, requiring a battery pull to bring it out of it. While other themes, as soon as I activate the theme it all of a sudden runs like a champ, hardly ever getting the hourglass, except when you normally might for a split second, but even that is far and few in between.

    Good luck.
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    03-12-11 01:48 AM
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    I am using the L theme now- just the standard one that came with the phone. I was using Zen before but switched to L after my latest OS install.

    Phone has been somewhat better since the micro sd format, but still not great. It seems to be progressively getting worse again. Have had lots of hourglass time today.

    What theme do you recommend? I will use whatever works best- I don't really care about the theme, as long as the phone actually works. I am so tired of these problems.

    Thanks for your time- I will try to clear out the folders and see if that helps too.
    03-14-11 04:06 PM
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    Right now I'm using Futurism by berrygoodthemes in the CB Store, it works great..It's a wallpaper theme basically. I have zero lag with it, always remember though it will be laggy right when you first activate it. But after a few good uses of your phone the lag will totally disappear(this happens with all themes I think). Make sure and clear that event log if you never have done it before, I think that will definitely help.

    I have tried around ten premium themes on my 8330, all but two were laggy and would freeze up, Futurism and The Real Iberry theme by Lunarsedge(the top seller). I know most don't like it, but it runs like a champ on my 8330. You might want to try that one also, I only use those two.

    Good luck.
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    03-15-11 02:07 AM
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    Thanks. I have cleared the event logs twice now, and emptied my folders. It is a little better, but still froze up twice today (neverending hourglass). Wish I could get that to stop. Your suggestions were really helpful though, thanks so much. If you think of anything else, I'd love to hear it. I may check out those themes- I don't know if that is the problem or not; it doesn't seem like the two themes I have used are all that 'fancy' or anything... :-)
    03-15-11 07:34 PM