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    I need input on the best way to set up my 8330. Best apps, themes, whatever. I have had mine for a few months now and have apps like vlingo, viigo, weather cahnnel and so on. I was hoping htat more tech savvy people here could tell me how they have there curve set up and what are the most useful apps. Is there any better themes than the ones provided? The picture viewer seems pretty lame but I haven't seen an app that would change that. Is there better apps for texting. I have looked at the app world site and the CB site but there is so many different apps. I want to hear how you have your curve set up to be awesome. Thanks for the help.
    01-05-10 09:26 AM
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    No comments on themes or specific apps. My suggestions are what I have found to personalize my Curve that make it awesome to switch apps quickly.

    If you haven't yet turned off Dial From Home Screen, I suggest that. That will give you one-key shortcuts to open apps from your home screen. For example, D opens memo pad and B opens browser.

    I would recommend that you get QuickLaunch to set shortcuts to things you use the most, and also to system things that are kind of hard to get to.

    I also have several folders on my home screen to organize my apps, so I don't have to scroll to see everything.
    01-05-10 10:53 AM
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    Bump. Please help me out with any ideas. Thanks.
    01-06-10 09:07 AM
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    .....what are the most useful apps. Is there any better themes than the ones provided?.....
    That's like asking someone what's the best fitting shoe. Everyone's wants / needs are going to vary. That's why there are so many apps available.
    My suggestion would be to try out a few apps / themes that are free, until you start to figure out what YOU want your BB to do. If you don't like an app / theme, just delete it back off your phone. Keep in mind: the more apps you install, the more it will slow down your BB's performance. There's a finite amount of application memory.

    Many people put on other browsers, like Bolt or Opera. I use Bolt myself, but I see many more people who use Opera.

    I would also recommend browsing through Crackberry's "Blackberry 101 Lecture Series". This will give you an idea of what to expect your BB to be capable of, and how to keep it working smoothly. Link below.

    Welcome to CB
    01-06-10 01:38 PM