1. Evan0925's Avatar
    If any of you were having connectivity issues do to a Belkin Router, here's your fix:

    Log into the router via your ip:
    Go to the Wireless section on the left, selecting Channel and SSID

    From here you'll need to check 2 things:
    Look at your QoS Configureation.
    Ensure that your ACK Mode is set to: IMMEDIATE ACK
    Set your 802.11e QoS to: OFF

    Pull the battery on your BB, refresh the networks and you'll be on UMA in no time!
    02-04-08 08:06 PM
  2. d_from_stb's Avatar
    I have a Belkin G Router, and was 10 minutes from returning it when (after my 3rd call to their Tech. Support line) I got a knowledgeable service rep.

    After I set the network up, all my computers ran fine, but my Blackberry Curve (T-Mobile) would log on to the network and then not function - dead air when I made calls and the internet would sometimes work fine and then other times crawl so slow it would have been faster to just turn off Wi-Fi and use EDGE.

    The tech. rep walked me through the following steps and my service is perfect now:

    -Delete the saved profile in the Blackberry from the network that hasn't been functioning.

    -Go to (can't post direct link as I'm a new user)

    -On the left hand side, go to "Channel and SSID" under the "Wireless" heading.

    -Set "WMM Mode" to OFF.

    -Change "Wireless Channel" (mine was on 6 and I changed it to 9 - not sure if the number matters or not.)

    -Make at least a small change to the network name where it says "SSID" (rename or add a number, etc.)

    -Click "Apply Changes."

    ***If asked for a password, as at the time I hadn't made up one, I just clicked "submit."***

    -On the Curve, under "Wi-Fi Options" scan for networks and find the new one. When asked to set-up WPS or whatever it says (I forget now) scroll to no.

    -Enter in the PSK you originally used with the network.

    You should be up. Hope that helps.
    04-21-09 08:50 PM
  3. jimmy shephard's Avatar
    I was unable to fix my belkin router issue, then I visit Belkin Tech Support
    I got certified technician over here. These guys are really awesome to fix belkin router problem in minimal charges.

    They are providing 24x7 tech support for belkin router.
    12-25-13 10:38 AM