1. c-ike's Avatar
    My daughter's BB is sending something over the internet every morning, at 2am-ish, if the phone is left on, or as soon as it is turned on. I can't figure out what it's sending and which app is doing it. Sometimes it's 5KB other times 10KB, but it's getting expensive. Had to add unlimited data to avoid 200+ bills until we figured this out. 90% of the time it is sending to blackberry.net, but sometimes to wap.cingular. AND, this is really wierd, sometimes it is sending to both, at the same time.

    One game was added, but this started happening before she downloaded it. Otherwise, she has only the standard BB apps. I would rather not turn off internet completely, because then she can't send or receive picture text messages.

    I've narrowed it down to needing to set permissions for the application(s), but I have no idea which one is doing it. I can't even find defintions for the permissions "interaction, connection and user-data" or what Custom means as a permission setting.

    I'm lost.... Help.
    01-05-10 08:52 PM
  2. plunkingtom's Avatar
    You might check your bill for charges... sprint has third party (sprint but different) that is called preminum services with a monthly charge like free two ringtones for A$9.95... if not I would save her data and wipe the phone back to factory and restore only her address book and calender. Then if the problem is gone you can install one app at a time to see which one it is... I don't use facebook or the other online stuff but I bet it is on of them..
    01-05-10 09:14 PM