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    I have a fairly new(3 months old) curve 8330m through sprint....this phone has been very buggy ever since I got. It has freeze up problems, powering off & requiring a battery pull to start it again, extremely slow if I have any songs on it at all...etc, etc just to name a few.

    So I am finally getting around to an attempt at wiping this thing clean and trying a new OS but I can not get it to wipe clean. Every time I try and wipe it(trying both CrackMem & JLCommander) it shuts down as soon as the process starts.

    I was able to get Desktop Manager 5.0 successfully installed on my pc(Vista x64...if that matters??) and I was able to successfully update my blackberry to the 4.5 update that was automatically offered when I attached my device to it(USB connector to my laptop).

    Now what really sucks is that this new update did not fix my phone at all...so far it seems to have done nothing at all...good nor bad, and yes I did check the applications list to verify that I have the new 4.5 core apps installed.

    I have searched all over the internet trying to find something that is remotely like what I am having but have had no success. Everything I read either points to having to do a complete wipe and starting over, which I can't do....or points to hardware issues?...not sure????

    So hopefully some of the more knowledgeable members that this forum seems have a lot of might be able to help me...

    Thank You,
    11-04-09 12:08 PM
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    If you have a memory card installed in the BB, take it out to see if your problems go away. Often, a corrupted file/filesystem on the card can cause everything you described.

    If it does appear to be the card, move your files off the card and reformat it in the BB (Options, Media Card, Menu, Format Card). then move your content back to the card in small groups and test. If all is well, add more files, test. Repeat until all the files are moved back to your card, or you isolate the corrupted file.
    11-04-09 12:37 PM