1. jaybeebrad's Avatar
    A friend gave me a hand-me-down Sprint branded Blackberry Curve 8330. He was under the impression I would be able to activate it with BOOST, though frankly Virgin Mobile would be my preference. I called both companies and both said absolutely not. And of course Sprint wants a deposit despite the fact that I would not be on 2-year plan of any kind.

    So I'm at a complete loss as to what to do. Paying a massive deposit is not an option and frankly if I was going to do that I would just get a newer phone!
    03-11-11 07:55 PM
  2. still83fifty's Avatar
    You can definitely put a 8330 on Sprint, first off, you must not tell them that you have a Sprint phone. When you call them to activate it, just play dumb, act like your sure it's a Boost Blackberry no matter what. Just give them the esn/imei, they will tell you that it won't work correctly etc etc, you may even get a couple that will not activate it. But one of them will always activate it, then before you get off the phone with them make sure and have them tell you how to program your cell number into it, so that it no longer shows the previous owners number in the "my number" area and shows yours instead.

    Then you can provision the phone, lastly you will need to add the 8330 Boost Service books via the desktop manager program. You must be on the $50 unlimited plan also, and after all that you should have everything working. If you can't find the books, you can contact me and I'll send them to you no problem.
    03-12-11 01:22 AM
  3. hightack's Avatar
    The Sprint 8330 will work on the PAYGO as well as the $50 Unlimited. You have to start out with Boost CDMA account with a Boost branded phone, and then swap in the Sprint 8330. After loading modified service books, most everything works.
    03-12-11 11:13 AM
  4. still83fifty's Avatar
    Oh, I didn't know that HT...As far as not having to have a unlimited account. Good to know though.
    03-15-11 02:11 AM