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    Hello all and thanks in advance for your help. I am having a couple of issues with a 8330 curve.It is a verizon curve but I am using it on pageplus cellular.

    the two problems I am having are:

    1) Charging- I was originally (and still am) having issues with the mini usb connector on this handset. I have tried different cables and usb ports to no avail. The connection will shut on and off for data synch or app loading and does not charge at all. I have a second curve and was able to confirm that it is on the handset.

    I figured not a big issue- I'll just purchase a charging cradle. Unfortunately when I place the unit in the cradle I get a message that the usb power is insufficient. It appears to be this same handset as the other 8330 charges fine in the cradle.

    Therefore my question is this a firmware/software issue or, more likely, a problem with an internal circuit related to charging? Can anything be done?

    2) Service Books- I do not have the basic service books on the 8330. I have tried to re-register the unit but no service books were sent down. I also went into email set up but the only option I have is for BES corporate mail set up.

    I have loaded opera mini browser as there is not the blackberry browser loaded.

    Page plus does not support berries and although I am using the verizon network I am not a verizon customer....

    BTW I am os v5.0.0.230. At this time I use the working 8330 to charge my battery as a clumsy work around.

    Thank you again
    02-11-10 09:18 AM