1. Anon Ymous4's Avatar
    I purchased a BB Curve 8330 off ebay. Received it, and re-installed the OS using the BB desktop software.

    Configured it to work with my US carrier USCELLULAR.

    It seems to work OK except when I browse the web. Goggle Talk for example thinks I'm accessing from Colombia.

    What did I miss, and how do I fix it? Please be detailed in your answer as I am a newbie.

    Thanks in advance,
    05-18-14 06:31 AM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    The IP address is provided by your network, and looked up by the remote site you are attempting to access. It is unlikely you can change anything at your phone.

    The usual reason for "appearing to be in the wrong country" are
    1. Your device has picked up an IP address which is or was allocated to a provider in the foreign country, and the remote website's lookups have not been updated since the IP was reassigned to a US service.
    2. A bug in the remote site's software.
    3. You are using an anonymous proxy like TOR to hide your location and you really are appearing from an overseas IP address.

    If you are able to connect your phone using WiFi (at home) it should take priority over the cellular connection and you would be seen with your router's IP address. If this works it proves to your eyes that it is a problem at the service provider and not a problem in your phone (hardware/software).
    05-18-14 06:49 AM

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