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    -6 User Customizable Icon Bottom Dock
    -1 User Customizable Icon (can be used for Weather App or SmartBB or whatever you would like)
    -Battery meter is skinned as a 'Pride Flag'
    -Signal Meter is skinned 'Rainbow Triangle for active Bars, Male Rainbow Symbol for inactive Bars
    -Focus Icon on App Screen is skinned as a 'Pride Bracelet'
    -New Item Icon is a 'Pride Ribbon'
    -Bold Icons used in colours of Pride Flag
    -Menus and Fonts in Pride Flag Colours

    NO MODIFICATION OR DIFFERENT VERSION will be made of this Theme without a DONATION to either one of the following Charities;

    Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youthline -- Donate HERE
    Gay American Heroes -- Donate HERE

    Please Email a copy of your Receipt with your requested change!!

    Lesbian Version
    Everything is the same except the Incoming & Active Call Screens

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    10-12-09 01:58 PM
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    Nice theme but like a lot of the 3rd party themes when they fist come out, th call screen is all messed up. I found this in another post that might be useful in fixing the problem.

    Well, after searching I found a five year old post that said to use a .gif
    for the call screens background. I guess that still works.
    10-12-09 03:37 PM
  3. curve1967's Avatar
    Hey Mikey
    You are a GOD!! Thanks for the tip, call screen have been updated and are now working. You are good to go to redownload, just use the original links!!
    10-12-09 03:49 PM
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    Sooo Cute!!
    10-22-09 07:06 AM