1. MPD302's Avatar
    I am trying to get into this theme thing. I am a relatively gifted "computer" guy, so simple instruction wont be a problem. I have read a WHOLE LOT of post and issues on designing themes. This is my problem.

    When I am laying out my icons in Plazmic, they are not showing up properly in the simulator... and I dont know why. I am including a screenshot to show what I am referring to. The image on left is obviously the designer screen. The one on right is the simulator. Notice that I am missing two icons, and the whole today calendar section! hmmph. Any help is appreciated.



    07-27-09 01:47 PM
  2. quinn4761's Avatar
    Well, something to try. Don't know if it will fix the issue. Check to see if the grid layout on the sim is set to 4x4. Go to Options, then advanced Options, Accessability. Make sure it says default in the grid layout section.

    As far as the today section, are you using the Today Icons, or Zen Icons? If you are using Zen Icons with the today area, you have to be focused on the calendar and there has to be something loaded in the calendar to see the area. Try going into the calendar on the sim and load something into it, then backout and focus on the calendar icon.
    07-28-09 07:50 AM