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    this is my first build so take it easy on me but the input will help. note i am not a computer savy person and i still havent fiqured out plazmic yet. i borrowed the images from windows.(i cant spell either) one thing i havent got is how to move apps to proper places and the home screen scroll the trackball down to get it to move. when i figure it out or some tell mes how or you update yourself ,or i will fill fix it. i hope you all enjoy joy it and to the pros i hope you can help me a little bit . i call it the dock

    i edited some things i posted witch were just newb fups .
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    04-20-09 02:56 PM
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    Guess no liked it

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    04-20-09 08:51 PM
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    Maybe it's just me but I tend not to use theme that have white text on light colored backgrounds. I have not played with the program so I don't know if you can change the font color.

    04-20-09 11:10 PM
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    i think my wife would like it but the icons i dont like
    04-20-09 11:45 PM
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    I like it. You may want to tweak the icons, but it has potential. Makes me want to go to the beach!
    04-20-09 11:52 PM
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    I can change the font color ill do try to update tonite

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    i havent fiqured out how to change icons yet but what was it you didnt like about them
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    msixteen - what do you mean by moved the icons to the proper place and trackball on home screen? i can try and help ya out if I can get a little more info on what you are trying to do.
    04-21-09 04:34 PM
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    I couldn't get the ball to scroll on the home screen menu left and right olny up and down. But I fiuggured that one didn't have the paths set to scroll
    I can't figure out how to change the icons and keep all the apps in there folders when I make it. Example how do I make a games folder and the put the games into so when it loads on the phone its in the folder. I hope that helps quinn and thanks for the help to

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    04-21-09 07:21 PM
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    As far as I know, you cannot make folders during the creation of the theme, sorry. The icons, you can go into the app screen in Theme Builder. There, it should have a list the default apps. There should be 2 seperate pics for each app, one is normal, one is for in focus. You can click on each one and change the picture. Hope that helps.
    04-21-09 07:33 PM
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    I love that turtle picture. Do you happen to have a link to download that?
    04-21-09 07:44 PM
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    very good for your first theme, way to go
    04-21-09 07:58 PM
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    Thanks quinn ill try that.

    Tars I got that pic from windows vista sample pics if you can't find ill try to post a link.

    Thanks faberry. I hope you like it. I'm in the process of an update on some minor font issuse

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    04-22-09 02:04 PM