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    Welcome to the world of Da Vinci where time meets history. Immerse yourself into the past with a fully skinned user interface and a fully animated independent layered animation. Each gear rotates at a different speed. We dont use frame by frame to achieve this but SVG code which makes it much quicker than any other animated themes. Best of all users can use any wallpaper they like with our method.
    With the ability to have 12 user defined icons (change slot order 1-12 in application list) this theme stands out above the rest in so many ways. From the scroll style dialog boxes to the marble looking button press this theme is surely to stand out among animated themes. Welcome to the Past, Welcome to Clockwork.


    Storm Users Show today tap Date hide tap x
    Trackpad/Ball Devices:
    Quicklaunch = Spacebar
    Profiles = $

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    • Fully Independent Animated Layers
    • SVG Coded Animations (less slow down in performance our way)
    • Custom Battery/Signal Meters
    • 12 User Defined Icons
    • Hidden Today with Independent Calendar and Messages screen
    • Easy to read text on device
    • Stock Icons with Grunge look make it easier to recognize
    • User can change wallpaper
    • Another Premium WJD Designs Theme

    Available For Devices Below
    Storm 5.0 (BlackBerry OS 5.0 Touch Screen)
    Storm 4.7 (BlackBerry OS 4.7 Touch Screen)
    9700 5.0 (BlackBerry OS 5.0 Non-Touch)
    9600 5.0 (BlackBerry OS 5.0 Non-Touch)
    9600 4.7 (BlackBerry OS 4.7 Non-Touch)
    8530 (BlackBerry OS 5.0 Non-Touch)
    8350 (BlackBerry OS 5.0 Non-Touch)

    05-22-10 12:09 PM