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    Theme name:BuufDeuce
    Theme author: guzzl3r
    Supported Device Model(s) and OS:8350, 8500,8900,9500,9600,9700,9800 OS 5.0-OS 6.0
    Theme Cost: SALE PRICE $1.99
    Download Link(s): OTA Install for BuufDeuce


    BuufDeuce is another variation of the htc themes with new htc style clocks and the famous Buuf icons. You will still have the big htc clocks but with a more of a Buuf style to fit the theme instead of the original clock font. You will also have the ability to minimize the big htc clock if you choose to do so, which will give you a whole new look. So it's like having two themes in one.

    If there are any problems or concerns do not hesitate to contact me at guzzl3r@ymail.com.

    There are screenshots of the theme below with a list of features,suggestions and feedback are welcome.

    **When the theme is released Thursday evening I will be giving away 30 free copies of the theme so keep a look out for the release.**



    -11 user defined icons(OS 5 version)
    -Hidden today screen for calendar(3 entries),messages(4 entries). (click the notification area to open scroll back up to hide)
    -QuickLaunch support(app sold separately)(spacebar)
    -Weather slot(icon slot 1)
    -Hidable htc style clock(alt + C)
    -User defined fonts
    -Custom menus and submenus
    -Wallpaper friendly
    -Themed call screens

    Open bottom dock=alt + D
    Open second dock=alt + S
    Close both docks=Back button
    SMS & MMS=$
    Hide htc clock=alt + C
    Switch back to htc clock=0
    *NOTE : Both docks will close automatically when going from one dock to another.
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    The theme is now live, you can check the first page for the coupon code!!!
    02-17-11 06:23 PM
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    I would love a free copy! This theme is awesome!!!!

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    04-25-11 01:49 PM