1. Mario Galvez's Avatar
    Earlier today I brought my phone to the our local Blackberry distributor (Micro Warehouse, Inc.) to have my under warranty Curve fixed. My phone has damage on its rubberized area. A button has fallen off while the others are quite banged up. The tech guy told me that RIM Singapore would not accept it as under warranty because of the physical damage. So is my warranty really void because of that? These rubber sides get banged up pretty easily. It's like they're saying that it's my fault that the thing has cheap rubber. Thanks for any help.
    12-04-12 05:50 AM
  2. BigwhiteUK's Avatar
    Well its all kinda relative! Some people take very good care of their devices, screen protectors, cases, never keep it in a pocket with other items. Some people have their devices naked and treat em rough! And to be honest if a device gets damaged because of how you treat it, then you cant expect RIM to repair or replace it; as its not a fault of the device. Im not saying you have abused your Curve, and I don't think accidental damage is covered by the warranty.
    So why are the buttons 'banged up', can you describe the damage to the rubberised area? How did it happen? Did you drop it? A picture would help.
    12-04-12 06:35 AM
  3. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    ...My phone has damage on its rubberized area. A button has fallen off while the others are quite banged up...
    This sounds like a lot of physical damage. Physical damage is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty which covers manufacturing defects.
    12-04-12 07:44 AM
  4. scottydl's Avatar
    What was the problem you were trying to have fixed under warranty? Let's say the phone won't power on, and at the same time your device has all the damage you described. Their claim will be that your power problem was probably caused by the obvious rough treatment that the phone received thus far in its life. You might be out of luck on the warranty coverage (I can't believe there's still an 8350i out there WITH warranty remaining!) ... but the good news is that you can troubleshoot whatever problem you're having on this forum, and maybe figure it out that way.
    12-05-12 11:32 AM

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