1. R4CH3L.R0S3's Avatar
    Hi all. I'm trying to make a Hidden Dock Theme but having no luck at all!
    I've searched everywhere and looked at a few tutorials, am following them exactly but it just is not working & I have no idea where I am going wrong, also if I can get the dock to work, I have to scroll vertically to go through the icons when I want it to go horizontally, any help will be much appreciated!
    Also what is the best program to use to make my own battery icons etc..?
    And how do I find what size to make them for my device? So that they aren't to small or big.
    I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to making themes :S
    And sorry if I've posted in the wrong thread.
    02-06-11 04:24 PM
  2. RadioCharlie's Avatar
    For video tutorial, is one to bookmark. The battery/signal icons comprise of a single image:

    For example, the composite image for the wireless coverage indicator is made up of a single row of nine component images. Therefore, if the composite image is 180 x 10 pixels, then the size of each component image is 20 x 10 pixels.

    Main icons for the 9300 (like mine) are 52x52 but in my experiments, I've found setting the actual contents to about 46 max whilst the overall image is still 52x52 (ie, there's a border).

    For example, my own rather simple theme looks like this:

    This was done with the new Theme Builder 6 beta.
    02-07-11 10:17 AM