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    check out the review of v2.0 by berryfication editor rezn!
    bbts Metro White|Black v2.0 by bbt Designs | Berryfication

    thanks again rezn!

    some unique features:
    • OS6 Devices have Calendar, Messages and Text previews on the homescreen!
    • nearly everything on the homescreen is hideable, making Metro highly customizable and wallpaper friendly!
    • dock icon text is hideable via shortcut keys (see navigation preview below)
    • today area is hideable via shortcut keys (see preview below) - swipe right from calendar to show SMS, left from SMS for calendar
    • the dock FADES in/out when you show/hide respectively
    • the weather icon FADES in/out when you show/hide respectively
    • the weather icon has status text (app icon name)
    • custom flash animation on focus of homescreen icons (the box around the icon flashes and then stays visible)

    so here it is, Metro!

    Also, there are 9 shortcuts on the homescreen (use the caps key for letters):
    • N = bbm
    • M = Messages
    • $ = SMS/MMS
    • L = Profiles
    • @ = Connections
    • Spacebar = QuickLaunch
    • K = Calendar
    • O = Options
    • s=Universal Search

    And homescreen feature shortcuts
    • 5 locks dock, 6 unlocks it
    • 7 hides weather, 8 shows weather
    • * shows icon text, # hides icon text
    • 1 hides dock underlay, # or * shows it
    • 3 shows today area, ESCAPE hides it (swipe right from calendar for Messages and SMS, left to get back to Calendar)

    And with the Metro bundle, your device can adapt to your lifestyle!
    Metro White's stark contrast of black text on white background for message lists, menus and popups make it ideal for use in bright settings.
    Metro Black is ideal for nighttime or dark settings (cinemas or lowlit parties).
    With its smooth grey fonts on black background, its easy on the eyes.

    I worked very hard to make this theme work perfectly, I hope you all enjoy it!

    Links are up!

    if you are on a mobile device, go to themes>bundles to access the bundle (should be within the first 3 pages)

    let me know what you think!
    And feel free to post screenshots!


    **please do a battery pull after installing a new theme!**
    02-23-11 07:57 PM
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    Your themes are absolute top knotch! I own slate and soon i'll have this amazing theme!

    quick question which weather app are you using? The homescreen icon is very vivid looking compared to mine.
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    02-24-11 07:19 AM
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    Seriously awesome!

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    02-24-11 06:42 PM