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    Baseball fans will love this cool theme! A one of a kind theme with some really cool features:

    Battery Level - Check the score! The more battery power you have, the better the home team is doing! 10 Runs = 100%, 9 runs=90% etc...

    Signal Meter - Check the weather! The sunnier it is, the better signal you're getting. If the storm clouds are rolling in though, you're signal level is lower. Very cool!

    Home screen features 9 user icons, plus a profiles button and even a weather slot!

    Crisp menus and buttons, and transitions top off this great theme. Download it now, you'll be glad you did!

    Get it right here!
    01-26-11 02:21 AM
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    Now that baseball is in full swing (pun sort of intended)...just wanted to let you know that this theme is on sale for CB users for $.99! Thanks!
    05-17-11 12:31 AM