1. itr themes's Avatar

    You've been there before. You look down at your cards.....Aces! Now you can get that feeling every day!

    This theme has poker images all over the place, from the home screen to the call screens. While you're scrolling back and forth between the 5 user defined icons, the flop, turn and river cards appear! Will you drown at the river?

    Want to check out your battery level? No problem, just take a glance at your winning percentage! How about your signal level? Even cooler, it's the pot size! $1k is not so great, but $10K means your signal is tops!

    Do you like transitions? This theme is full of them! Crisp menus and buttons? Yep, it's got those too!

    For a really cool Texas Hold Em theme, that won't lag or drain your battery....go all in with Aces!

    What are others saying about this theme?

    "it's a two thumbs upper!"

    "I've been using it for a while now and its awsome can't find anything wrong with it"

    "There are many aspects I enjoy, being a Las Vegas fan"

    "its freakin awesome! Runs great and fast!"

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    03-05-11 01:46 AM
  2. tattooz's Avatar
    Awesome job!
    03-05-11 08:43 AM