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    I have been theme developing for a while and I would like to put those skills to the test for developing personal themes for anybody who asks! They are absolutely free and will be given an assured gurantee of 2 week maximum delivery. Its that fast for a theme of your specification. If you want a theme, contact us through CB or:
    This is for the curve 9300 3g
    03-08-12 12:29 PM
  2. pookiemom's Avatar
    Hi. I have been looking for a theme that is very simple. No icons (or hideable) for the home screen and a small banner on top or bottom for the necessities (clock, date, notifications, etc). Also a weather slot. Not sure if you ever saw Leebo by Wu-Wei, but something like that. Thanks in advance, this is awesome!!!
    03-13-12 08:38 PM
  3. TheDutch20's Avatar
    hi there, TheDutch20 here, i would love to see my own personal Halo Reach theme, with OS7/ custom icons, ie the medals from the game. that would be the cats , i really hope you give me a reply, and it would mean so much to me, I have tried to do ones on Theme builder and composer myself but find it difficult, and cant get my "custom icons to highlight. thanks for your consideration.

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    04-08-12 05:05 PM
  4. ichat's Avatar
    It is possible. Please tell me what os version you are running:
    5.0 or 6.0
    Os 7 icons are possible.

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    04-09-12 12:01 AM
  5. poppaoleg's Avatar
    Looking for an iphone style theme or a basic 8 icon theme (OS7 or 7.1 icons) on the home page, no trays. Just a plain style, plain fonts, etc. Nothing wild or fancy
    04-10-12 04:31 PM
  6. sacredhart's Avatar
    I'm looking for a very simple minimal theme. Black background, white text, no icons. Can you help?
    04-23-12 04:54 AM
  7. mzceetee's Avatar
    Been looking for Playbook theme-to match 9330...thanks a bunch
    Last edited by mzceetee; 04-23-12 at 06:31 AM. Reason: That would be with OS 7 Icons and I am running OS 6..much appericated
    04-23-12 06:30 AM
  8. TheDutch20's Avatar
    Hi just checked this thread again. I am runnin OS 7.1 if you can help that would be amazing
    10-22-12 08:25 PM