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    Many people complained and emailed me to make a theme that would subside some problems which happened to them. They said that their head hurted because even if on the lowest brightness setting. I decided to make everything pleasant on the eye so that there won't be any problems. BETA testing was over by a private BETA tester. Version 3, which is glitch-free is now the newest version. As we are going to upload the theme in 24 hrs as we are doing final checks for the theme.

    Screenshots and more are coming soon!

    Everything is dark with a lighter font so that the head doesn't hurt
    12 icons on the homescreen in a layout which is very familiar.

    Please standby 24 hrs until the theme comes out. We are going to create an App World download link, an OTA link and a zip file with DM files

    Thank you and please tell us how the concept is and if it will help you

    NEW: if you won't like the default design meant to be efficient, we can make variations on order. Guaranteed free!!!!!!

    Why shouldn't you download it? Well no reason at all because the entire download is afterall only 300 KB!
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