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    Koncept is the latest theme from BBThemes.co.uk, offering you stunning icons and leather mixed with a customised yet subtle homescreen experience.

    the gorgeous icons run right throughout this theme, giving you a smile every time you pick up your BlackBerry.

    with a 6 icon dock on the homescreen you`ll always have what you need right when you need it, and the theme also has a clickable hotspot for the clock (scroll up from any icon).

    as well as the increased functionality from all these features there are also some hotkeys as well:

    alt+p - Pictures
    alt+q - Music
    $ - Sms and Mms inbox
    Spacebar - Quicklaunch (not included)

    and for all who love their wallpapers the icons can be hidden at the click of a key as well

    alt+t - Show Icons
    alt+y - Hide Icons

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    09-09-10 01:11 PM