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    Pick an Icon, Write a message, Choose a background...and Carry On!

    TRIAL - https://appworld.blackberry.com/webs...ntent/28054913

    FULL VERSION - https://appworld.blackberry.com/webs...ntent/27017877

    Note: OS 7 Devices will hide anything inside of a folder - To fix this issue simple use the universal search function or move all your apps to the home screen before activating the theme.

    This works based on your Owner Information input on your Blackberry device.

    Step 1. Navigate to Options- Display- Lock Screen Display. - Here you will use the name/info text input fields to enter your words.

    Option 1. You can enter the full phrase on 1 line only if you use the NAME field. - USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!
    Option 2. Use the INFO field for multiple line input - no word centering available - use spaces first to center text & Double spaces in between lines. - USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!

    Step 2. Switch themes temporarily to reset text input changes.

    Step 3. Check home screen for INFO field spacing and readjust if necessary.

    Step 4. Choose from over 30 different icons ranging from the classic crown to your very own custom icon!

    Touch Screen Devices - Simply tap the icon to browse icons
    Trackpad Devices - Scroll up to top, then Right or Left to browse icons (on lock screen use a-z and numbers 1-4)

    Wanna use your own icon, say your favorite brand or symbol?

    *Simply save a square image (larger than 125x125) of your icon on your micro SD card and rename it " icon ". Place it in the top directory of your device and reset the theme. *Must be .png format.

    If you require assistance with word spacing or custom icons please contact us through email support.

    icons include:
    crown, car, heart, cross, apple, batman, beer, coffee, hemp, nyan cat, fish, food, moon, lips, nintendo controller, pacman or gaming, wine, pig or bacon, sexy vampire lips, moustache, rock on horns, shopping bag, recycle, soccer, football, BBM, icon.png ( your custom icon) and MORE!!!

    Other theme Features:
    .: Hidden Notifications Drop Down on home screen previews and accesses - 2 Missed Calls, 2 BBMs (no read receipt!) and 2 Unread Messages directly.
    Touch Screen Devices - Tap the top banner in the middle
    Tilt Touch Screen Devices - Tilt the device into landscape mode
    Trackpad Device - ALT-1 key to hide, ALT-7 key to show

    .: OS 10 Icons
    .: Animated Incoming call screen
    .: Custom call screen ( OS 6 only)
    .: Animated Hidden Dock with Weather Slot or most frequent app.
    Touch Screen Devices - Tap the above the dock to hide and show
    Trackpad Devices - scroll down to show, up to hide

    Note: OS 7 devices do not come with themed call screens

    For more help visit Blackberry Theme Keep Calm Theme Generator Help - Support

    Device support list: 9900/30/81,9850/60, 9810,9790,9700os5/6, 9300/30 os6, 9320,10,15, os7, 9350/60/70 os7, 8900,

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