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    iPulse is BBThemes mix of BlackBerry and iOS, taking cues from both operating systems and adding our own twist this unique styled theme is smart, sleek and functional.

    from the sliding dock and hidden today section, to the hidden icons for a full wallpaper effect, this theme has all you`ll ever need, and with the elegant icons including a unique iOS folder style, this really will make your BlackBerry shine.

    9300 Version - OS 5.0

    2 sets of 5 icons sit in an elegant dock that slide left to right.
    hide the dock and icons at just a press
    alt+y - hides icons
    alt+t - shows icons

    alt+p - Pictures
    alt+q - Music
    alt+b - Clock
    $ - SMS, please note for $ shortcut to work must be set as $ in screen/keyboard setting,
    Spacebar - QuickLaunch - not included in theme, available seperately.

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    09-15-10 12:33 PM
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    I call this worth a premium theme!
    10-17-10 06:37 AM