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    In this HP7 Blackberry themes, you will find the golden SNITCH flying around your homescreen, and don't ever think to catch it because it is as fast as lightning. Want to catch it? I will let you know then.

    and another interesting is when you have a new mail and missed call, the white owl will fly to the homescreen to deliver your mail.

    Now its all ends here..


    * # animation of flying golden snitch and white owl ( new mail and miss called )
    * # custom grunge icon set
    * # 6 user define icon on Homescreen
    * # weather slot
    * # customize Battery and Signal
    * # wallpaper friendly
    * # custom fonts to match the theme
    * # click HP7 to show / hide homescreen icons

    visit my blog : Walker Themes

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    Harry Potter 7 and the deathly hallows is out NOW!!! 11.19.2010

    You would be cool to have a Hp7 Blackberry Themes when you go to see the premier!

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