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    Simple but not simpler, yes this Galaxy Ring Blackberry theme brings you a new experience for your handheld with unique Rotation Navigation (RING). 6 user definable homescreen icons will rotate smoothly on your blackberry homescreen, adding a weatherslot and Hidden Today make your blackberry more functionable.

    Neither Horizontal nor vertical navigation but its Rotation navigation (RING) 360 degree rotation icons on your blackberry homescreen. Yes it is "GALAXY RING by Walker Themes"


    * #6 user definenable rotation navigation icons ( ring effect )
    * #Weather slot ( pres ESC/SPACE to Hide/Show icon *nontouch series)
    * #Hidden Today
    * #Wallpaper friendly
    * #Custom Battery Meter
    * #Custom icons, menu cursor, list cursor, and
    * #Custom Calling and Incoming call screen
    * #dark vision application screen

    visit my blog : Walker Themes

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