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    "[]" ([]) ([]) [[_ V2 Blackberry Curve 3G, OS6 theme

    Six home screen icons are fully customizable:

    Customizations include replacing the standard Options button with the phallic Tool wrench logo and replacing the white/red start for New Item notifications with the multicolored eye logo (background is from one of their famous live light shows):

    Incoming and outgoing call screens:

    Also included is a Tool ringtone: a 30 second clip of ∆nima's 46 & 2, at an appropriate volume and with the bass range cut considerably so as to not blow our your phone speakers.

    Please help me out with corrections and suggestions! Thanks

    Link to OTA.
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    02-23-11 05:09 AM
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    Also I should say this is my first theme design and I just got my first Blackberry not even two weeks ago, so there's a ton of stuff left for me to learn about designing themes.
    02-23-11 06:34 AM
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    I don't like tool all to much, I figured I'd say congrats on the theme though. It looks clean and nice, if it were me in my opinion I'd had added one more homescreen icon, just to get to basics but other than that it nice. Like I said that was my opinion, I'm sure there are tons of people that like 5 homescreen icons. Good one though :-)

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    02-25-11 03:41 PM
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    Updated with extra home screen icon as suggested. Also some minor cosmetic touch-ups and a new ringtone.
    03-01-11 03:15 AM