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    Theme with screen 320X240px (Curve ™ 3G) in OS6.

    Location for the weather on the home screen.
    Two active zones at the bottom of the screen:
    On the right notification bar and appearance of mail and sms on the home screen flyover
    (launch the mail application, if clicked).
    On the left date box and the appearance of the calendar on the home screen flyover (launch
    click calendar if the application).

    The background is a gradient black to white by default, please customize your wallpaper.
    The cleared today by the Esc key
    $ key launch Message Text (SMS)
    Space launch QuickLaunch




    I recommend you reboot the device after installation.
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    04-09-11 02:40 PM
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    This version is a port from a 480x360 version has the following application shemmy.
    Non Curve has available, I could see if everything was working properly, thank you for making a report of operation.
    04-09-11 02:40 PM
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    22 downloads and no comments?

    It does not work or there is no particular problems?
    04-10-11 07:49 AM
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    Okay, I've been using this since last night, and I have to say that I really like it! So far, I haven't found any issues with the functionality of the theme, and the icons seem to have scaled down very well. Thank you very much for scaling this from the Bold to the Curve series!!
    04-10-11 09:06 AM
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    Ahh, thank you, it feels good to get feedback, I feel reassured.
    Glad it works
    04-10-11 09:09 AM
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    It works great on my 9330 curve 3g! Thanks! U did a get JOB!!! :-)
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    04-10-11 11:22 AM
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    Thanks ! don't forget to click Thanks on 1st post.
    04-10-11 11:40 AM
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    Just dl'd so far I love it!!

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    04-10-11 07:17 PM
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    This is a great theme. And I don't normally like Today type themes. Lol works great on my 9330. Love the $ SMS shortcut and that I can clear the today part. Nice work.
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    04-10-11 10:40 PM
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    Thank you very much
    04-11-11 10:56 AM
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    Great job!!!! You should have used those same walls for the theme!!
    Love it though!!!

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    04-12-11 04:48 AM