1. Neon-Pink's Avatar
    I was wondering if there's any way to get rid of the "blackberry 6 look". I prefer having a few icons on the main menu than have the "all" menu in the way, etc.

    I tried downloading a few themes but they simply just change the wallpaper.

    Any idea?

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    02-21-11 11:21 AM
  2. jnicwhite's Avatar
    I would like an answer as well thanks
    02-21-11 11:32 AM
  3. RadioCharlie's Avatar
    The Blackberry Theme Builder v6 can do that - I had a tinker with the Today and Zen themes and even installed some of my own icons. If you want to try and roll your own then it's quite straightforward.

    My OS6 Surround Layout

    My OS6 Today Theme
    02-21-11 12:11 PM
  4. cheneil's Avatar
    Kool theme, I like it. Could I get a ota link for this?
    02-24-11 08:27 AM
  5. cronaldo7's Avatar
    Where did you get this theme? It is cool.....
    02-24-11 08:51 PM
  6. cronaldo7's Avatar
    This is really neat...Do you have an OTA for this? Please...my theme thinks!
    02-27-11 02:27 PM
  7. RadioCharlie's Avatar
    I've never posted a theme before, but this is the OS6 Surround theme:
    02-27-11 04:15 PM
  8. cronaldo7's Avatar
    Thanks. But do not know what file type to save as? Just pops up to save as word doc?
    02-27-11 04:36 PM
  9. RadioCharlie's Avatar
    Click the link from your BB.

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    02-27-11 06:34 PM
  10. cronaldo7's Avatar
    Thanks. That link worked....finally!

    I am running OS6 and love this theme! I, however, cannot download these themes that say, download from OTA...these are really cool too. I see the file in application mgmt, but not in themes like the above surround theme I downloaded? What could I be doing wrong?

    This is the link: 14 Weather OTA

    Thanks for helping!
    02-28-11 06:20 AM
  11. gem12's Avatar
    how do you get rid of the blackberry 6 look". ??
    03-29-11 09:00 AM
  12. pappy jack's Avatar
    if you don't want the bar on the bottom of your screen go to> options, >display
    >home screen preferences, >scroll down to number of icon row , >select no icons> and then save, the bottom of your screen will be clear then.
    03-29-11 09:42 AM
  13. gem12's Avatar
    thank you! also can you help me with his... tried downloading a few themes but they dont work or they are not anywhere on my phone...
    03-29-11 10:13 AM
  14. Tecklop's Avatar
    I've made a Precision Zen OS 5.0 Style for the 93xx
    It will be uploaded soon, not so soon, Tomorrow

    I never build a theme for 93xxs yet, This is my first one and i found the Theme Builder 6 VERY buggy building 93xx themes ==*
    I hope they will fix the Problem in the Final Version, It is called the Theme Builder Gold here
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    03-29-11 10:37 AM
  15. ElectroFrosty's Avatar
    I've made a Precision Zen OS 5.0 Style for the 93xx
    It will be uploaded soon, not so soon, Tomorrow
    We're waiting.... lol
    04-05-11 08:35 AM
  16. 01spyder's Avatar
    OS 5 style zen with weather slot for 9330 running OS 6! Made by Billy3296

    MyBBOTA.com Download - OS FIVE ZEN + WEATHER for 93xx OS6
    04-05-11 10:12 AM