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    The other day at work I accidentally spilled some coffee on my BlackBerry, and I immediately dried it out and left it like that for a couple of minutes. I reinserted the battery at the end of my break and it was working perfectly. By the time I went home, all I got was a white screen telling me to reload the software (can't remember the error code), so I loaded a back-up.

    When it was done loading, I had to set permissions for all my applications again, but my trackpad didn't want to scroll down. Spacebar worked to scroll down, but only to the link in the bubble, which I could still click with the trackpad. After that I completely reinstalled the OS, thinking the software might be to blame, and now I'm stuck at the Terms and Conditions page, and still can scroll.

    I would like to know how (and IF) I can fix this

    If not, I'll just wait for the z10 to launch here, whenever that may be
    02-11-13 06:41 PM

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