1. sresh's Avatar
    hello all people.
    its i a guy from Nepal. i have a blackberry set (9300 curve). i have a problem that is black berry app world is not available in my country. so i am unable to use any of the available software. like whatsapp, viber, Skype and so on. so i feel i am restricted too much. any solution for this problem.
    Next problem is that, my device was just working fine on playing the youtube videos. but now its not fine. that is the video quality is not good.
    THE VIDEO STREAMING IS JUST FINE AND AWESOME (WITH THE WIRELESS NETWORK HERE).however the device is not playing the video retaining the original quality. i cant get to know whats going on video. can any1 has solution for my problem...

    thanks in advance
    poor me !!!!!
    11-26-12 05:12 AM
  2. study_lady's Avatar
    If the AppWorld isn't available in ur country, then u can always download WhatsApp from their websites www.whatsapp.com. The same goes to Viber. Download that app from www.viber.com. As for Skype, it's not (yet) available for Blackberry.
    11-26-12 06:40 AM

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