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    Last week i posted a thread ( http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...e-help-845799/ ) on my Blackberry 9300 that was totally busted. many people say to check the battery and do a wipe with either JL_Cmder or BBSAK. My phone didnt turn on, but when plugged in to either my Laptop, PC or wall charger the red LED came on and then it displayed a big empty battery symbol with a lightning strike through and sometimes the empty battery with a red cross through. most of the times when a blackberry is like this it wont get detected by JL_Cmder or BBSAK and the people who say keep trying.... it still doesn't work i've tried it. im not saying that the battery might not be the problem but its obviously the first thing you check, and also tho check that it might not be a charger problem like the user "ONMYOWN" posted in the thread linked above. i tried fixing my phone on 3 different PC's with Windows XP, 7 and 8. the Command posted in Reed McLay's forum unfortunately doesn't work on Windows 8.

    So you've changed the USB settings on your PC and tried the command and the phone doesnt connect to JL_Cmder or BBSAK but does connect to the Desktop Manager and Apploader but apploader fails and says "Reconnecting To JVM"? i've got the solution for you, Forget about JL_Cmder & BBSAK it didnt work for me but if you have to use one or just curious go for BBSAK (Better interface and it just looks like a better type of software to use). the problem is that the blackberry is stuck on a continues rebooting cycle. the following is only if you really cant buy another blackberry or your guarantee as expired. do NOT attempt the following if you are not sure about what you are doing, i will not be held liable if you break your blackberry even further. if you have a guarantee still valid on the phone let them fix it that's why they are there.

    The best way to fix the blackberry is to

    - 1. get the Blackberry desktop software and make sure its up to date, if the auto update doesnt work go to your Program Files and look for Research In Motion then Blackberry Desktop and scroll down till you see the file with the blackberry icon "Rim.Desktop.AutoUpdate" then it will launch the update will be about 110MB .

    - 2. get the device software for your phone on Blackberry's website, just Google it for eg "Blackberry 9300 Device Software Download"
    make sure you download ONLY from a Blackberry site.

    -3. Blackberry 9300 have about 10 screws inside and at the back together, the screws are a small "rosebud" bit that can be bought at about any local hardware shop, search on YouTube how to dissemble your type of Blackberry that you have so that you know EXACTLY where to loosen it properly without breaking anything. (now with my 9300, i watched on YouTube and dissembled my blackberry without any hassels, there's a cord linking the Blackberry Circuit Board with the screen, the cord will always be attached to the screen and plugged onto the circuit board, unplug it and this also give you a chance to clean your Blackberry, ALSO do not FIDDLE with the circuit board if you don't know anything about it, wipe the circuit board gently with a small piece of soft cloth or even a tissue.

    - 4. Put the phone back together as you took it apart, make sure you do it right! if you're done put the battery in and it should be loading and giving you a white screen with a error code (there is a thread on Crackberry that shows you the types of errors you may find, i got error 507)

    - 5. now Connect the Blackberry to your PC/Laptop with the updated desktop software and the installed device software (Apploader can be found in Program Files -> Common Files -> Research In Motion -> Apploader -> Loader.exe

    - 6. load the device software and your blackberry is fixed!

    (taking the phone apart stops the rebooting cycle)

    i searched EVERYWHERE for a solution and couldn't find anything, so i just decided to open up the phone and check to see if it might work if i unplugged everything, cleaned it and putting it all back together and it worked!.


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    Awesome!!!! Many thanks for sharing your solution!
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    09-08-13 07:42 AM
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    09-08-13 09:45 AM

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