1. tessbraidner's Avatar
    When i plug in my device and hit USB drive on my phone (when the box appears) the device will not show in My Computer, or else it will take a while to show. I've had this problem a while now but i wiped my phone yesterday and when i connected my phone to the my laptop it seemed to be fine but now it's back to how it was before i wiped it! I'd be grateful for any suggestions as to how to fix this, thanks!
    11-02-12 06:51 AM
  2. l0rd1's Avatar
    what version your DM? my 9300 working great with latest DM which is version 7
    11-05-12 11:40 PM
  3. tessbraidner's Avatar
    My DM version is 6.1 ... But, without starting DM up, i was wondering why my BB device wouldn't show in My Computer - it was working a few times after my phone wipe but went back to how it was before the phone wipe (as i did mention before...). Even with DM, if i close down the dialogue box that asks for your password to access your media card, the option won't come up again if i later wanted to access it. Any ideas of how to access it at a later point?

    Speaking of DM, after a phone wipe because of the phone being slow and app space running low quickly, and the possibility of the apps causing this, would that problem be fixed even if everything was restored from the back up file that was created before the phone wipe? Or would restoring everything make the phone slow and run low in app space quickly again?

    Sorry for the many questions!!!!!

    11-06-12 06:32 AM

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