1. Charles Cormier's Avatar

    I can't seem to get my Gmail Calendar to sync, I have turned on in the BIS settings. I tried turning it off/on again and no luck. I deleted my account and created it again and nothing. I also deleted everything on my phone and restored again and still no luck. Any thoughts???

    01-23-13 06:33 PM
  2. arthropod88's Avatar
    Here is what I did. I deleted the 3 Service Books for Google apps account: CMIME, SYNC & CICAL. Then I deleted the email account from setup. Then I added the account again... So far so good... I am on AT&T Official

    All of my contacts & Calendar events stayed on the phone. I will say that when i re added my google apps account, I didnt go into custom settings i.e. change the signature until the initial sync completed. I have been running a full day and not had an issue so far.

    Also, make sure you are not using the google apps sync or Google Sync app... the native GMAIL should work fine. I wil say that for the Google Apps account I chose other under setup... I am not sure if this helped or not...
    01-23-13 06:51 PM

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