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    Relatively short emails, including Today's Headlines from NYTimes.com ( 120k) , are being truncated by my new 9300 Curve 3G. Today I have followed, to no avail, the instructions from about a dozen threads on this today. I am guessing this is a device-specific issue because this did not happen on my recently-stolen, identical device.

    What happens is:
    1. I open the email and scroll down
    2. At a certain point it says "More available: 9799 bytes"
    3. After a few seconds, more is loaded
    4. I scroll down and it says "Truncated 29884 bytes"

    If I forward the email to my PC, the entire message is intact -- but of course the idea is to read the emails when I'm not at my desk...

    Any help greatly appreciated!
    01-03-13 09:51 AM

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