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    Okay so just downloaded need for speed trial game and quickly got a 602 error and white screen which I gather is a bit not good. Restarted and deleted trial game but is this something that's going to come back to bite me? Everything seems okay so far....
    05-29-12 10:53 AM
  2. UnknownError507's Avatar
    Hello there,

    Error 602 is caused by an install or a file from instal is corrupted during the download and installation.

    You may want to try the following:

    Perform a hard reset by removing the battery from the smartphone and reinserting it.
    For more information on this procedure, see

    If the error message persists, perform a reload or upgrade the BlackBerry Device Software.
    For more information on this procedure, see

    Hope you issue would not persist and by a hard reset it will be good to go.

    Cheers and all the best!
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    05-29-12 11:14 AM