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    I just received an insurance replacement from Sprint. I had an older Curve 8330 and they gave me a 9330 as a replacement. I have been using the new phone for about a week and I am noticing most emails do not seem to be loading on the page correctly. The issue is in the margins...for example when I receive a new email and it loads I have to scroll left or right to read the text in whichever margin is not in view. The phone has done this on pretty much every email I have received with the exception, ironically, of an email I received directly from BlackBerry regarding my username which loaded correctly. I have tried the "get images" option while I have an email open and that doesn't do anything. I have HTML enabled and there are no other options or settings I can think of that would correct this. I have had 4 previous BB's and I never had this problem...any ideas?

    [EDIT] - Here is a screen shot of what I am talking about using the Screen Grabber app:

    Emails not loading on page correctly...-screen_20130128_205258.jpg
    01-28-13 08:51 PM

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