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    I recently received the Verizon Curve 3G as a substitute for my curve 8530. Ever since I got the phone, which has only been like 8 hours, I have had problems with it. The primary problem with it is that it loves to reboot itself. The majority of the time it is when it is surfing the web, a few (once or twice) it has reboot on other tasks. I have heard that OS 6.0 v. 0.6 solves this issue plus some more, but the latest it is letting me go to is what it came with, which is v6.0.0.524. Is there anyway to upgrade to v .600 or something I can do to stop the freezing. I've considered dropping down to os5 but honestly I can not do without the new webkit browser. I don't care for anything else in os6 but I love the webkit browser (when it doesn't reset my phone)

    p.s: Any sort of streaming does not get past the buffering window either, no matter if it is on wifi or mobile network
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    07-16-11 03:20 AM
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    Ok after I posted this, I tried out Opera mini (which I used back in os5) boy is it faster then what I remember and it's faster then the native browser. I ran some personal speed checks on some sites I visit often (plus coke's for *hit and giggles) these are the times I got

    Native: 00:00:19.710
    Opera: 00:00:07.988

    Native: 00:00:34.134
    Opera: 00:00:07.582
    Native: 00:00:14.220
    Opera: 00:00:04.101

    Native: 00:00:23.514
    Opera: 00:00:06.961

    Noting how back in OS 5 Opera was not this fast, I know I will stick with os6 and I may just HAVE to upgrade to the newer version of os6 but before I go through that long process, is it possible to fix my streaming issue. I will click to open a video stream (youtube) and all I get is a message that says Buffering and that's it.
    07-16-11 04:15 AM
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    Well, I'd say this could be because of some application running in the background causing the frequent reboots. I'd say remove the memory card from the device and boot it up in the safe mode instructions Blackberry Safe Boot - (All Models - All OS Versions), if this works then you need to check into application issues. Else it would help if you wipe the device completely and then reinstall the OS back, if you encounter any further issues give us a yell.
    07-16-11 08:04 AM
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    Well I told my dad (account owner) about my problems with it resetting itself so much. He told me he'd call verizon. He called me back about ten minutes later and told me that she (the verizon tech) basically told him that because I'm browsing the web on it and trying to watch youtube videos, that I'm trying to use my blackberry as a "mini-computer" and that all blackberrys are good for is for email, texting, etc. She said that for how I use my phone, I need an android phone. As my dad was telling me this, I said Bull*hit!!! If a blackberry was not designed for web browsing and youtube, then why did they put a webkit browser on it and include a youtube app?

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    ...and again another problem I just found. I swear If I call verizon again they will think I'm trying to take advantage of them (which I really ain't). But I woke up at 10:30 this morning, At about 2:00 I was ready for a nap, and my phone was at 30% charge (should it really be that low that soon?) so I plug it up to the wall charger, (the same one that I used for my old phone and it worked fine, and I have used it on the new one and until today it worked fine) When I wake up ten minutes ago (4:40) I only have 77% charge. I have heard that blackberries havecharged fast and untill today that was true, What's Up???
    07-16-11 04:52 PM
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    Make sure you turn off all the services you dont need when youre not using it eg wifi, bluetooth, radio, opera etc. It uses battery when its running in back ground. Long press the BB key and it will show you whats running then close it all down.

    [You woke up at 1030AM and needed a nap at 2PM????!]
    07-17-11 05:49 PM
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    i had the same battery problem with my 9300 on os6. I took it into the store i purchased it at, and they explained to me the battery drainage issue.
    In os6 your device is CONSTANTLY searching for wifi service. In os5, it did not.
    This drains your batt.
    Turn the setting off that searches for wifi, and you will see a HUGE difference!
    07-18-11 08:29 PM