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    I am ADDICTED to BB but as a f/t student and p/t worker I had to get rid of my 9670 and I am now using Google voice for communicating. (convenient but annoying at times)

    I recently traveled to Guatemala and Mexico (school purposes) and I used an unlocked 8310 which kept me connected via BBmessenger to my friends and family under the BB 24.00 a month plan with movistar! I also sold that phone btw.

    I just bought a Pure TalkUSA :: Find No-Contract Cell Phone Plans & Affordable Cell Phone Service sim card for the call and text plan for 10.00 a month that I will be using only for emergencies. I don't have a phone yet.

    I will be going back to GU and MX for the whole summer for my thesis research. No doubt I WILL BUY A BB (unlocked and used) that will work again in GU and MX with Movistar's sim card BUT... I want to buy an unlocked BB that I can use NOW with the Puretalk USA service.

    Is there one BB that will allow me to connect online via WIFI here in the US? Is that possible? What BB should I get? Another thing, I am so addicted to my Google calendar on my BB so I would love to continue to use that. I am not very BB or cell THANK YOU.
    02-08-13 03:39 PM

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