1. mjc65's Avatar
    ive red a little through the "how to recover a dead blackberry" forum, and i have a problem, i own a blackberry 9300 and Sunday morning when i woke up the phone was completely dead, when i plugged the charger in the led stayed on and went off, then the big empty charging battery came on, i left it for about 5 hours and it stayed that way, i went and bought a new battery but the problem remained, i downloaded device software from blackberry and i tried re installing the the software which also doesnt work it gets stuck at "reconnecting to jvm" so i downloaded the JL_Cmder and my phone gets detected by apploader and desktop manager but not by JL_Cmder, so i browsed and found BBSAK and i have exactly the same problem, i killed all the blackberry processes and run BBSAK as admin a couple of times now i started BBSAK then connected the phone and vice versa, still no luck, i went on device manager and changed the setting on the usb ports but still no luck, i have also tried the apploader command like posted in Reed McLay's forum which i got elsewhere, it said "access denied" then i change it to full controll for every account and now it says that a require a certain permission? the phone doesnt turn on but when its plugged in to either my pc or laptop or wall charger it just shows the big empty battery symbol with the lightning strike through. could someone PLEASE help me
    09-03-13 04:33 PM
  2. onmyown's Avatar
    As usual, I hate asking the basic question. Are you using the charger that came with the phone? I dont know if thats the root to all the evil you mentioned, but I have seen devices completely crash from a dead battery and only be brought back to life by the proper charger. Playbooks do the same!

    Good luck!
    09-03-13 04:39 PM
  3. mjc65's Avatar
    yes, the charger has never given me any problems its the original blackberry charger, the battery was 75% full before i went to sleep saturday night??
    09-03-13 04:51 PM
  4. onmyown's Avatar
    That being said, Im almost certain that BBSAK will connect to a device without a battery. This is a tough one.
    09-03-13 04:54 PM
  5. mjc65's Avatar
    ive tried everything! it keeps saying no device found and ive tried it on 3 different PC's
    09-03-13 05:02 PM
  6. mjc65's Avatar
    i got it fixed
    09-08-13 05:09 AM
  7. Martin Mutugi's Avatar
    How did you fix it? Mine Shows the red not charging battery sign after starting to load
    12-29-14 11:27 PM

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