07-05-15 06:02 PM
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    The fans also have way less knowledge into what actually goes into designing a phone hardware-wise. Anyone can sit at a computer and make seemingly beautiful hardware that would just fail miserably if any company ever tried to really build it.

    External dimensions and materials aren't the only two things that go into designing and building something.

    Isn't it proof enough that Apple designed and built a phone that people had to hold with the tips of their fingers or suffer losing their signal?

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    Hey! AT LEAST we are being INNOVATIVE And are THINKING outside the Box!
    The BlackBerry BLADE is the MOST innovative concept ever and OUTSIDE the BB and CB community, a LOT of people believed it was a REAL device due to leaks of renders. So Don't be putting down Designers!
    07-05-15 06:02 PM
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