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    BlackBerry Passport 2
    Screen : IPS LCD Captive Touchscreen 16M Colors / 6,6 inch (2160x1440)
    OS : BlackBerry OS 11 with Android runtime 6.0 and new uniform icons with Android
    Chipset : Qualcomm MSM8974AC Snapdragon 801
    CPU : Quad-core 2,5 Ghz Krait 400
    GPU : Adreno 330
    Cardslot : max 200 GB
    Internal : 32 GB / 3 GB RAM
    Back Camera : 18 MP f/2.0 with dual flash
    Front Camera: 5 MP camera
    Connection : Bluetooth/hdmi-mini/wifi/wifi direct/miracast/micro usb/
    Battery : 3840 MAh

    love to see a new Passport full touchscreen, what is your idea about this?
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    12-22-15 01:41 PM
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    Full touch screen (no PKB) wouldn't interest me in a Passport-like device.

    And, it's highly unlikely we'll see a BB11. BB10 is going into maintenance/security update mode.

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    12-22-15 02:19 PM
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    I had today 2 companies asking me for a new touchscreen device after there old Z10 and Z30 device's , I told them about the Leap for one year subscribe but they wanted a quicker device. One company told me about that he saw the Passport in action and that it'was quicker then there BlackBerries 10 they have now. He like to see that in a new device. I don't have it I told him and I also told him that BB10 device are not coming any more from BlackBerry.

    The client knows about BB10 situation and told him about that we also get the priv in a few weeks, He said they allready tested the Priv and that is was a terrible phone to use and that the HUB was a turn off . He said ""Maybe we must think about another device in the future with another solution then BlackBerry ,but he don't understand they coming out with keyboard device all the time instead of a decent touchscreen device"" . This company has 33 devices.

    I also have that ptroblem wit my wife using Z30 and a daughter using the Z10. They both wanted a new BlackBerry phone but there is only the Leap and not a real upgrade. Also collegaue's at work ask me if there will be a new BB10 device . At the moment I say NO.

    I think if BlackBerry looks Back The Full Touch device where not bad is sales , like the Z30 it was doing well after 2 years people like to renew there contract and there is no real high end full touch device.

    The keyboard is a small market and keeping repeating this instead of getting out a good device since the Z30 brings the sales down. Also keeping the name BlackBerry 10 is like using a old name aka old os. Why not smarter with new stuff. People like new stuff, just like update's. BlackBerry is not smart in moving the crowd.

    I hope they are smart coming out with one good device with BlackBerry with only Android 6 (apps permission) and new icons. I also believe in a BlackBerry Store with BB10 and the best/save Android apps combined like bank apps, spotify,netflix,hbo and more. All the apps you need for daily use.
    12-23-15 11:09 AM

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