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    I came across it a few days ago when it was flagged in google.com. It made it seem like a new concept but as it didn't garner much traction, figured it was just an older concept rehashed?

    I really like this concept and I was even led to believe for an instance the V keyboard placement was supposed to be a superior PKB experience.

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    12-18-17 11:10 PM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    Reverse image search puts its origins on Weibo last week, strangely enough.
    12-18-17 11:59 PM
  3. ThaRu's Avatar
    It says "Design by Devon", sort of a successor of the Classic/Passport. You can google for "Blackberry Vanadium" to find it.
    A concept with BB10? It seems this idea is out there for a while...

    How old is this concept?-blackberry-vanadium-specification.jpg
    How old is this concept?-blackberry-vanadium1.jpg
    How old is this concept?-blackberry-vanadium2.jpg
    How old is this concept?-blackberry-vanadium-bottom.jpg
    How old is this concept?-blackberry-vanadium-keyboard.jpg
    How old is this concept?-blackberry-vanadium-three-colors.jpg
    How old is this concept?-blackberry-vanadium-front.jpg
    01-21-18 11:04 AM
  4. mushmonster's Avatar
    Whether it's old or not, I like the apperance tho.
    02-10-18 05:09 AM

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