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    After the fresh positive vibes I am finally feeling on crackberry forums and blackberry (finally) I feel more excited about the company all over again. I have a suggestion about a product line that can be adopted by the company;

    1- I imagine from what I heard that John Chen will be sticking to physical keyboard phones. So I suggest 3 high end physical keyboard phones: a Bold like phone (updated Q10 with bigger screen, aluminum (black or metal) keyboard and leather back cover. This phone will house a 4-4.5 inch display (yes big screen, 5.5 inch and 6 inch are beginning to be normal) it will be a flagship phone. The other keyboard phone will be a smaller bold 3.5-4 inch screen that will have exactly the same specs but on a smaller screen (like Sony did with the z1 compact) and the third will be 3-3.5 inch screen phone ( as always exact same specs with a smaller screen).

    2- as for the outsourcing the company have started with Foxconn I expect them to be sliders and full touchscreen: 3 devices; a big 5.5 inch screen flagship phone screen. As for the other 2, it will be low and middle class phones with very competitive specs for the price. Touchscreens a la android (3.7 inch and 4.7 inch screens)

    As for the tablet it can also be a 7inch slider making it a compact nice ultrabook-like slider with the sober bbry keyboard on a bigger scale.

    That's how I imagine a product management blackberry for time being.

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    01-17-14 02:41 AM
  2. sixpacker's Avatar
    Will be very surprised if we see a slider or a tablet.
    Initially, Foxconn will just go with a very cheap and cheerful touch screen. How it sells will determine their future interest.
    01-17-14 02:58 AM
  3. Bbnivende's Avatar
    The phone / tablet slider is an interesting idea. The problem being to keep it light enough. Most tablets are very light now. No one wants a heavy tablet no matter how useful.

    Samsung introduces Sliding Series tablet with a slide-out keyboard - Liliputing

    I do like the idea of a premium phone. I would pay more. I would like 9982 level of quality build at the price of a iPhone. Stainless steel is good. Leather is good too.

    Bigger screen Q30 and a lighter and smaller Z30 with a five inch screen . If they can not make a 4 inch Q30 then we need a Slider.
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    01-17-14 10:52 AM
  4. lordpuppy's Avatar
    I can get on board with a premium flagship phone. Keeping the tech specs similar between lines should limit the design costs. The flagship won't sell too many handsets, but the cost of design will be shared amongst a number of handsets.

    Do we need three qwertys? I'd vote for two, big screen with leather back and stainless steel trim, and another mainstream one.

    I agree with the foxconn - probably a big screen phone, with middle of the road specs, and some smaller phones with low to middle end specs. All about seeing what sells.

    At my work, people don't care about cores or ram, they want a big colourful screen. The others want really cheap handsets. Make those two groups happy, then release the qwertys for the traditionalists and enthusiasts.

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    01-18-14 03:47 PM

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